SIRU: Tangjazzo with Helena Ruegg und Quique Sinesi

Helena Ruegg, Bandoneon Quique Sinesi, Guitars. This is a project with the bandoneonist Helena Ruegg: We started in 1997, the music is oriented towards Tango (Milonga, Vals), starting with traditional composers like: Julian Plaza, Villoldo, Troilo, Mariano Mores and reaching to modern composers like Piazzolla, Salgan and some of our own compositions. Helena has made …

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Alfombra Magica

Matias Gonzalez: Electric Bass, Horacio López: Drums, Percussion, voice. Quique Sinesi: Spanish and Electric Guitars. Matias and I met when we were still very young. Since then we have made music toguether. We met Horacio around the year 1979. In 1982 we joined the Dino Saluzzi Quartet playing with him in very important Jazz Festivals …

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Quique Sinesi solo

Playing alone is to me the most usual form. It’s an unique experience, because it is possible to have interaction directly with the audience. I like to change the colours of the different guitars and mostly play my own compositions made for these instruments. Using elements of Argentinian folklore and tango with the influence of …

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